Warkworth Music is a local organisation which began life as The Rodney Music Club over 40 years ago. Its aim is to provide top class classical musical performances at affordable prices and at local venues. Introducing young people to classical music has been one of the aims of Warkworth Music and it remains so today. The committee arranges a subscription series of varied genres ranging from chamber music to jazz and at all our concerts the performers are of a very high calibre and often have international experience. For 2022 we have a programme of seven very varied concerts which cover a wide spectrum of Chamber Music. All the performers are based in New Zealand so the restrictions on international travel will not be an issue and we hope that Covid-19 will not force us to cancel concerts like we have had to do in the last two years. We want to help keep the artists performing so have had to make some changes. You will see some familiar faces and plenty of new ones which show that our music is in good hands. The audiences are much closer to the musicians than in a large hall, giving a different and special experience,

Warkworth Music has its own Yamaha concert grand piano, which is well regarded by pianists and is housed at the Warkworth Town Hall where we hold all our concerts, and very often players make themselves available

The painting Blue Notes is by the New Zealand-born artist Susanne Clark who has lived in Canada for many years and has recently returned home.

to talk to audience members after the performance.

Donations are always very welcome so please contact us if you wish to make one.

Warkworth Music reserves the right to change artists and/or programme content if necessary.


Contact us by mail at PO Box 238, Warkworth 0941 or email us at