Warkworth Music is a local organisation which began life as The Rodney Music Club over 40 years ago. Its aim is to provide top class classical musical performances at affordable prices and at local venues. Introducing young people to classical music has been one of the aims of Warkworth Music and it remains so today. The committee arranges a subscription series of varied genres ranging from chamber music to jazz and at all our concerts the performers are of a very high calibre and often have international experience. For 2020 we have a programme of seven very varied concerts which cover the full spectrum of music. We are welcoming back some favourite performers from previous years and introducing new ones so there will be something to appeal to everyone.

Warkworth Music has its own Yamaha concert grand piano, which is well regarded by pianists and is housed at the Warkworth Town Hall where we hold all our concerts. The audiences are much closer to the musicians than in a large hall, giving a different and special experience, and very often the players make themselves available to talk to audience members after the performance.

Membership of Warkworth Music gives sizeable discounts on our ticket prices, which are already lower than what you would pay in Auckland, and a Season Ticket lowers them even further to a very attractive level: see the Tickets page for the various options. Although it is accurate at the time of publication, information on this website is subject to change and we reserve the right to change programme content or artists without notice. 

We have used the evocative painting Noteworthy as the visual theme for our 2020 brochure and website. It was painted by the New Zealand-born artist Susanne Clark who now lives in Canada.