Saturday 14 August 4 pm
Warkworth Town Hall

Justine Cormack - violin
James Bush - cello
Sarah Watkin - piano

Arvo Pärt | Für Alina, solo piano
Joh Seb BACH | Viola de Gamba Sonata in D Major, cello and piano
Arvo Pärt | Mozart Adagio for violin, cello and piano
Joh Seb BACH | Sonata in E major for violin with continuo BWV1016
Dmitri SHOSTAKOVICH | Prelude and Fugue in E minor op 87 no. 4
Dmitri SHOSTAKOVICH | Piano Trio no 2 in E minor op 67




Vieux Amis (“Old Friends”) brings together 3 friends, neighbours, and long-standing colleagues. Violinist Justine Cormack, cellist James Bush, and pianist Sarah Watkins all grew up together in Christchurch, and their bonds run deep.

Justine and James have known each other their whole lives, having grown up across the street from one another. Their families became close friends, and all the children were involved in music together at the Christchurch School of Instrumental Music. Since that time James and Justine have remained close friends throughout their diverse careers. Ever the innovator, Justine dedicated her energies to nurturing and promoting the best of New Zealand arts and music through her performances with NZTrio. James on the other hand, moved in completely the opposite direction, as his fascination with the freedom and energy of baroque performance practice led him to work with many of Europe’s top baroque orchestras and ensembles.

Sarah first teamed up with Justine when they were both at high school in Christchurch, playing chamber music together through the CSIM.  Their careers have been tightly intertwined ever since, most recently as founding members of NZTrio. Sarah and James have also performed together through their careers – their first outings for CMNZ was as a duo in 1996 -  and all three musicians gave their first concerts as a trio in 1997.

Needless to say, they are thrilled to be back playing together for this very special CMNZ tour.